John Emerson Roberts: How I did the Research on His Life and His Work

Program for Sunday, October 30, 2011
1:00 pm till 3:00 pm, at UMKC, Room 301, Haag Hall

Ellen Roberts Young,   Author of John Emerson Roberts: Kansas City’s “Up-To-Date” Freethought Preacher

Dedicated  in memory of Woody Williams, local Freethought Advocate.

Kansas City’s All Souls Church has a long, rich history that extends back to the nineteenth century.  John Emerson Roberts was minister to All Souls Unitarian Church in the 1890s, and later, leader of the Church of This World.  His descendent, Ellen Roberts Young, is an independent scholar and member of the Unitarian Universalist Historical Society and the American Society of Church History.  She will discuss discoveries made during the research for her biography of John Emerson Roberts, which has recently been published.

To order the book,  email the author at

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