A Center for Free Thought

Welcome to the Community of Reason KC

People in Pursuit of Understanding, Wisdom, and Praxis.

We are a community of persons, based in the Kansas City Metro Area, who are lovers of truth, reason – and people.

We address a wide range of topics that include issues from science,
philosophy, economics, religion, social and political realities, ecology, the environment, art and the quality of life, the individual and moral concerns.

Our members hold diverse philosophical and religious views and will disagree in many ways. What we hold in common is a commitment to the application of reason in the pursuit of truth, beauty, social well-being, and justice in human affairs.

Photo: “The Death of Socrates” by Jacques-Louis David, public domain


June 16: “The Problem is False: Religion is the Issue”

SPEAKER: Don Bell, former Presbyterian Minister, Biblical scholar

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