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Address & Phone:

5019 State Line Road Kansas City, MO 54112-1156

Phone: 816-561-1866

About the Community of Reason Email lists

Email reminders of our events are sent to those wanting this service.  If interested in receiving these emails, please send an email request to We have three email lists:

  1. All notifications
  2. Weekly plus monthly calendar, but without extra reminders and
  3. Monthly only.  Please specify which option you want.
  4. Requests to be put on a mail list that do not request a frequency will receive ALL NOTIFICATIONS!

Official emails should be sent to the  You may also email the president,  treasurer or webmaster

COR_Members email list on Google groups: If you are interested in sharing thoughts with other members and friends of the Community or Reason, we maintain an email list with Google groups that you can access and join by going to: COR_members.


The monthly and weekly schedule of programs in available on this website along with other important information.

Thank you for your interest in the Community of Reason!

Have a fine day!

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