Free Thinking in Kansas City and Beyond

June 5, 2011

  • Sarah Hargreaves, founder and Organizer of the Skeptical Woman’s Group; Veronica Houghton and Jesse Dirks, Kansas City free thinkers.
  • Conrad Hudson, President of KU Society of Open-Minded Atheists and Agnostics KUsoma and  Representative of the Secular Student Alliance (SSA)
  • Other Kansas City free thinkers: Fred Heeren, Provocateurs and Peacemakers and Iggy Dybal.
  • The proceedings were moderated by Doug Greer

Sarah Hargreaves, Veronica Houghton and Jesse Dirks spoke about their involvement in the Skeptical Woman’s Group as well as the unique ways they are free thinkers. Conrad Hudson spoke about SOMA, SSA and free-thought events. Fred Heeren spoke about his organization. Iggy Dybal spoke about local free thinking groups.

(from left to right: Conrad Hudson, Sarah Hargreaves, Veronica Houghton, Jesse Dirks, Doug Greer)

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