A poem by Eyyup Esen

Having my wedding two years ago
400 people attending
Except my parents
Rights to travel was hijacked
By by by by by WHOM?
No need to mention their name
Believing in my destiny fully
But also thinking of my parents full-time
If they were sad
Reminding myself
They were at our wedding
Watching us on the camera
Wearing their nicest clothes
Having the Starbucks Chocolate Chip cookies
Maybe some bad people
No need to mention their name
Were Happy that they seperated us
Please Remember!
You did not separate us!
We were in Chicago in June
Walking by the Riverwalk
Going up to the John Hancock Signature Room
Looking at the beautiful city of Chicago together
We were in Miami in July
Getting on the speedy boat
Listening to sounds of the waves
We were in San Antonio in October
On the boat with our Mexican guide
Laughing at his jokes together
We were in New York last summer
On the Manhattan Sightseeing Cruise
Having our tea
As we did on the Bosphorus Boat Tours in Istanbul
We were in Kansas City all the time
Going to Rozzelle Court
Having our favorite coffee “Roasterie”

Every weekend
Having our breakfast together
Turning our video on
Siping our tea sometimes
Having Turkish coffee yesterday
I do not like it that much
Bur drink it
As it reminds me of YOU my sister,
YOU my mother, YOU may dad,
Chatting and laughing,
Keeping our tears private
But laughters public
Sometimes it was me who was flying to Istanbul
    Arriving at the airport
Deciding to go to the Blue Mosque
As we are a little depressed
Contemplating but also feeding the hungry birds,
 Hungry to see us, maybe who knows?
    Taking the cab
Going to Taksim Square
Never have been my favorite place
But I miss it this time,  bro
Walking with crowd
Down the hill
Towards Dolmabahce
Heading to Dolmabahce Tea Garden
Like 15 years ago with my sisters and mom
By the water again drinking tea
The waves are hitting the rocks
And the water splashing on me
Walking towards to the Rumeli Castle
Wait it is too far
How come?
Never mind!
I miss stepping on the each corner of that sidewalk looking at the Bosphorus
I told you
We are always together
Always next to each other
In our spirits, in our dreams, in our realities
Let’s not talk about them anymore
No need to mention their name
They thought they separated us
But I told you
We are forever together
And eternally together, InshaAllah ( God Willing)

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