The People Rise Up: Reform in the Middle East

February 27, 2011

Ahmed El-Sharif, Civic leader, Penn Valley Instructor of Biology and Chemistry, born in Sinai

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Egypt does not belong only to the Egyptian people. In Egypt, the cradle of civilization, a profound reform will echo throughout the Middle East and impact the entire world.

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Bringing KC Together to Get Things Done

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sly James, Marine Veteran, small business owner and Attorney

Sly James addressed his 4E Agenda for overcoming our geographic, racial and political divisions to make Kansas City a smarter, safer and more efficient community: Efficiency, Education, Employment and Enforcement.

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Seventh Annual Todd Kelso Memorial Darwin Day Lecture – “The Evolution of Humans: What we know and Don’t Know”

February 13, 2011

Ronald Pine., Ph. D., Has served as a curator at the Smithsonian Institution, a college professor, has numerous articles, one book concerning zoology, has published critiques of creationism.  He has led scientific expeditions to many parts of the world and still does so in his retirement.

Dr. Pine will discuss what we think we know now about the main evolutionary pathway to modern-day humans and the dead-end “side branches” that ended in extinction.  He will also discuss the history of the fossil discoveries and the changing ideas about them.

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Kansas City Budget: Going Beyond the Cuts

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Deb Hermann, KC Councilwoman First District at Large

Having led the KC budget Process for 3 of the toughest years in the city’s history, the councilwoman believes the time is here to expand our economic base.
Deb Hermann’s website
You can view a portion of the Q and A of Deb’s talk by clicking on the following link:
Segment 7

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Space, Race and Identity in Cape Colonial South Africa

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Shannon Jackson, UMKC Associate Professor of Anthropology

We will explore the social meanings that come out of the intersections of architecture and the human body.

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Blood, Fire and Infamy: Kansas City’s Mob History from the 70s

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Verle Muhrer, Philosophy Instructor, Penn Valley Community College

Related link: Black Hand Straw Man

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We Have a Dream: The Kansas City School System

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Airick Leonard West, Kansas City School Board President

We have the opportunity to share our thoughts on what the future of our school system could look like.

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The Questionable Identity of Shakespeare

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Felicia Londre, Curators’ Professor of Theater, UMKC

We’ll examine the evidence concerning the authorship of the plays and sonnets attributed to William Shakespeare and propose Edward De Yere, 17th Earl of Oxford, as the actual author.

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Climate Change (Anthropogenic): A Critique of the 12/3 Debate

Sunday Presentation of January 2, 2011

Doug Greer, secular humanist tree hugger & Carl Sagan fan who blames America 1st;
Kenneth S. Schmitz, UMKC Professor of Environmental and Physical Chemistry;
Don Bell, biblical scholar, debater and debate judge.

We will reflect on the experience of putting together climate change naysayers with those knowledgeable about climate change science.

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Basics of Family Systems Perspective

Sunday presentation of December 26

Luis Flores, Longview Community College Instructor of Philosophy and Psychology

Family dynamics is discussed

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