Neutrons-to-nihilism: Questions and Implications From the Left Hemisphere

May 8, 2011

Anthony N Caruso, UMKC Assistant Professor of Physics.

This lecture/discussion uses scientific pursuit as a stage for exploring and exploiting the absolute.

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A May Day Celebration: International Worker Day

May 1, 2011

Bob Suckiel, 40 years with 4 railroads as Engineer, Conductor, Brakeman, Switchman and laid tracks. He was joined by his wife, Diana Suckiel.
A commemoration of the struggle for the 8-hour Day, the Hay Market Massacre and the coming of industrial unionism in spoken word and songs from 1868-1945, featuring Eugene V. Debs, Mother Jones, IWW, and the struggle for the dignity of work.

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Public Media and Political Independence’s

April 24, 2011 

Tom Klammer, Host of “Tell Somebody,” a weekly public affairs show broadcast every Tuesday at 6 pm 90.1 fm KKFI

American journalism is in a deep, profound and existential crisis that is also an existential crisis for democracy. Journalism costs money. Democracy cannot exist without an informed public and the advertising model that supported journalism since the 1850’s is dead.

For more information go to the Tell Somebody website

The following websites contain the research information Tom referred to in his talk.
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Violence and Abuse Against Indigenous Women

Sunday, April 17

Venida Chenault, Ph. D., Social Welfare, Prairie Band Potawatomi/Kickapoo, Vice President for Academics, Haskell Indian Nations University.

In her recently published book (March 2011) Weaving Strength, Weaving Power: Violence and Abuse Against Indigenous Women, Dr. Chenault exposes and examines the plight of Indian women in particular and oppressed peoples in general. She proposes a framework for social change.

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Energy in Sports

Michael Kruger, UMKC Chairman Physics Department

Michael  reviewed  the interplay of different forms of energy in sports, with emphasis on bungee jumping, pole vaulting and baseball.

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Religion and the Critical Mind

April 3, 2011

Anton Jacobs, Ph. D. Sociology, lecturer in Philosophy and Religion at K.C. Art Institute, United Church of Christ Clergyman.

Dr. Jacobs discussed his book, Religion and the Critical Mind (published in September 2010 by Lexington books) which provides an overview of the criticism of religion from the Hebrews to post-modernism.

Click the essay page (above) to view a summary of chapter 12 from Dr. Jacobs book

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Coming Home to Eat: Preparing for Predicted Food Disruptions

Sunday, March 27, 2011


We examined how to develop a relocalized, sustainable, self-reliant food system.

  • Left:  Steve Mann, Squash Blossom Food Buying Club Director and Kansas City Food Policy Coalition
  • Right:  Ben Kjelshus, Founder, Kansas City Food Circle



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Present-Day Politics

March 20, 2011

Max J Skidmore, Curators’ Professor of Political Science and Thomas Jefferson Fellow

An assessment of the Obama administrations’ legislative record to date.

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Baha’u’llah Enlightenment for Today and Tomorrow

Sunday, 13, 2011

Melvin Page, Jr.

Why enlightenment and not the Church, has always paved the way to our brightest future

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Medical Marijuana

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rob Amerine (Parkinson’s patient), Mark Pedersen (Fibromyalgia patient),Greg Terry (Crohn’s disease patient), Greg Preuss,  and Emi Pedersen.

The group viewed and discussed the film “What if cannabis cured cancer?” along with current relevant Missouri legislation.

Related Link Cannabis Patient Network

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