Endorsed Activities

The KC American Chemical Society  will present the 2015 Kenneth A Spencer Award to a heterocyclic Chemist, Dr.Thomas Selby of DuPont

When:  Monday, October 5, 2015;  4:45pm; Social, including Hors d’oeuvres and cash bar, Student Posters, and discussion of Chemistry in Agriculture with Power Point slides.  An insect pest control video will also be shown followed by discussion; Students may come early to meet Dr. Selby and his DuPont associates for a discussion;  6:45pm: Award Presentation and Address by Dr. Selby; 7:45pm:  Dinner; 8:30pm:  Dessert & Discussion

Where:  Atterbury Student Success Center & Pierson Auditorium, UMKC Volker Campus (See link below for location map). http://www.umkc.edu/maps/documents/volker_maps/UMKC_Volker_campus.pdf

Menu:  High End BBQ Buffet, prepared by Executive Chef Sephen Lupardus of SODEXO FOODS (UMKC), including Wine and Dessert

Cost:  $20. for members; Professors and H.S. Teachers may bring 2 students FREE of charge; additional students $10. each. *Please Note: Students participating in the Poster Presentation are FREE of charge.

Parking:  Parking Operations have arranged for free parking from
During the Social we will present and discuss “Chemistry in Agriculture” using three resources: a) Attila Pavlath Poster and Power Points: Life without Chemistry: We would be back in the Stone Age. IV Food and Agriculture. see www.chemistryinyourlife.org . b) Kansas City Star Sep.5 GMO article by Scott Canonwww.kansascity.com/news/business/technology/article34199670.html . c) Shimon Steinberg Natural Pestcontrol..using bugs videowww.ted.com/talks/shimon_steinberg_natural_pest_control_using_bugs . We will also display posters, please see the letter below from our chair-elect.

Could you please help in communicating this event to your present and former students, colleagues and friends? Please call me for any questions, call me anyway if you a little time!


Eckhard Hellmuth

Professor Emeritus of Chemistry -UMKC

Councilor, Kansas City Section of ACS

HellmuthE@umkc.edu 816-536-1891 (m)




Resisters’ Roundtable 10/6 with Georgia Walker, Kathy Kelly, Brian Terrell

Georgia Walker of KC, Mo., will help lead a “Resisters’ Roundtable” Monday, Oct. 6, at 7 pm at Holy Family Catholic Worker House, 912 E. 31st St. She and two leaders of the Chicago-based Voices for Creative Non-Violence–Kathy Kelly and Brian Terrell–will share their views on drone warfare and other topics before a Q&A. The next day, Georgia and Kathy will come to an arraignment (hearing) in federal court in Jefferson City, Mo., because this spring they crossed the property line at Whiteman AFB, close to Knob Noster, Mo., to protest drone warfare (drones are sent from Whiteman AFB and about 40 other US bases by remote control to strike targets in the Mideast). All are invited to the Oct. 6 roundtable, sponsored by PeaceWorks.


Trifecta Resista. PeaceWorks-KC asks you to join Trifecta Resista, 3 days, 3 sites, 3 issues. See www.Facebook.com/TrifectaResista or www.PeaceWorksKC.org, plus the attached schedule. From 5:30 pm May 30, Friday, through June 1, Sunday, we’ll create a climate of peace and resist a climate of fear. Our home base will be DeLaSalle Education Center, 3737 Troost, KC, Mo., where we’ll gather May 30 for supper, training, and input. On May 31, we’ll call for pardon for whistle-blower Chelsea Manning at Fort Leavenworth, where she’s begun serving a 35-year sentence, and we’ll also resist the making of nuclear weapons parts and the resultant contaminants at Bannister Federal Complex in KC. On June 1, we’ll resist drone warfare at the entry to Whiteman AFB near Knob Noster, Mo., gathering at the nearby Knob Noster State Park at noon. Participants include three leaders of Voices for Creative NonViolence: Kathy Kelly, Brian Terrell, and (from the UK) Maya Evans. Join us to resist … to hope! RSVP to PeaceWorks-KC at 816-561-1181.


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